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What really is stress? ?Definitive guide

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We are used to listen the word “stress” everywhere: at work on colleagues, at colleges and universities specially on a final project or tough assignments on classmates or just  arriving home at night on our spouse. But what the wold mean with “stress”? if every person lives a different life why do we listen it from all of them at almost any age or position?

Is stress natural?, do all people bear it?, why do we get it?

Defining stress

Stress is a response. A natural  response from our brains delivering chemical reactions through the body to face environmental changes.

so, is stress normal?. In all of us!, but why people talk of it as a harmful thing?

Your body needs to be prepared for any change that demands more effort than what we are constantly doing (new job, new assignments, new kid, new responsibilities, danger ahead in the road). The brain releases hormones such as cortisol and  adrenaline to the bloodstream activating the whole body to give a response for the new alert.

Why do people talk about stress as a negative thing?

In short periods of time stress doesn’t produce harmful effects, but during long periods, the cortisol and adrenaline start causing negative effects in your body, moods and behaviors.

Every body feels stress regularly, but not all get rid of stress immediately. Some stressors (what causes stress) persists and the body stays in alert mode. The hormones still go to organs and start affecting the normal function of them, you start feeling tense, sic and tired continuously.

Can we get rid of stress?

No, we can’t. Stress is a normal part of our body. It triggers survivor mechanisms, boosts you on demanding tasks and helps us to stay active in critical moments. Not all stress is bad, but the long period stress can cause several illness and traumas.

What we can do is manage stress.

What type of stress exists?

Depending on the symptoms, duration and consequences stress is categorized in:

Acute Stress

This is the most common type and the easiest to notice. Most people detect it when in danger on traffic, working on deadlines, dealing with annoying children and demanding bosses, endless TO-DO task list, tough classes, rude neighbors, etc. Situations of tension that disappear normally when you change the environment or once the danger or distress is gone.

Commonly perceived as a slight tension and anxiety which usually may provoke:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Headache
  • Muscle tensions
  • Anger
  • Acid  stomach
  • Flatulence
  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Migraine

Just to mention a couple of them which don’t need medical or psychological  treatment when last short periods. Watch carefully if they don’t subside after threat is gone. 

Episodic acute stress

This category is characterized by ongoing acute stress symptoms. Often leaded or originated by crisis. In this category the person has taken the problems with himself and carry them all the time while the stressor may be present regularly or doesn’t exist anymore.

The symptoms are not always easy to discover because the person is used to feel these symptoms since long ago from small to great progressively. Your mood changes are less predictable, you’re almost never rested enough,  occasionally eaten enough, rarely satisfied with results, your life starts becoming a disaster. Physically you can develop risk of heart attacks, gastritis, ulcers, digestive problems or altered blood pressure.

Look for medical assistance if you find yourself continuously under stressed situations and you feel your health isn’t going well before it’s too late.

Chronic stress

This a way of life. It seems to ruin all around you. You never get enough and you are never enough. You are wasted, you live your life flavorless with no strengths and continuously sick. You have become a toxic person and your physical capabilities have been reduced yet you feel on an unstoppable cycle where you can’t take a break time. 

Some of the numerous consequence:s are:

  • You can fall in alcohol and drugs easily (this is not an excuse, it is your choice)
  • Develop of deplorable behaviors that ruins not only the person but his relations
  • Organs regular job can be affected for the adrenaline and cortisol amount distributed to the body in prolonged periods
  • Low immune system response
  • Heart attack probabilities double

In short

  • Stress is intended to make you run and quit fast to get save through encouraging your organs to work under pressure. In short periods of time it’s a life saver but in prolonged it’s destructive and can lead you to multiple disorders in your body systems.
  • Watch closely if you have carried some of the symptoms described in this article and search for medical attention if they have persisted.
  • Comprehend others behaviors and be supportive.

Here in Relief Stress, we are committed to help you get through and achieve the awesome life you’re wondering with tips, products and researches that will help manage your stress and your life.

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