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What causes stress? Doubt Solved

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What  are the real causes of stress?

Since stress is a brain’s reaction from adverse situations to boost our whole body to cope, we can identify stress root as any object, thought or circumstance that provokes in us a higher demanding response than what we are actually used to.

This factor is what we call stressor. This is the trigger for your worries, tensions, angers, anxieties and all stress consequences that it brings on. It’s just not only one stressor, it may be many; it just depends on your endurance and tolerance to deal with the circumstances you go through in life.

It means that what stresses you may not affect other people and vice versa. That’s why people last longer in highly demanding jobs than others regardless of their wage, the same for divorces, therapies or sports. 

How to identify your stressor?

If you want to solve your stress problem from the root, you have to identify what’s causing your mind to be alert  all the time.

Not all stressors are persistent, some of them are natural situations we can’t handle such as traffic noises, earthquakes or fighting cats on the roof. But there are other factors that never go away and keep hurting our selves.

Here we give you some tips to spot those ongoing stress triggers:

1. Check out your duties

We all have some responsibilities. A list of MUST DO. Detect your duties at work, family, home, church and social groups. List them, but divide them in two groups: The ones you hate and the ones you can deal with.

Focus in the HATE list and ask yourself these questions:

  • Can i stop doing this?, Is is necessary to do this?
  • Can i delegate this task?
  • Do i have to change my mind set toward this?
  • Can i change how often i do this?
  • Why is it affecting me and no others, is there anything else disturbing me when performing my work?

2. Detect toxic people

Identify difficult people around you. People draining your energy, stopping you from reaching your potential intentionally, hurting yourself to get ahead in the road. Let’s be honest, you deserve more, you deserve people to encourage you to reach to the top and further.

Toxic people generally will keep your stress alert on all the time. But remember this difficult people have difficult stories, try to make deals with them and see what benefits both parts can have. Who knows, the best win in war is the one you win without fighting and getting your enemy as an ally.

3. Recent events

Have you ever felt like things started to go tougher than they were before? and your doing exactly the same things, but now you feel you’re not moving anywhere and things are getting heavier.

You may not have notice it, but routine and stressful events have impacted your psyche. That is to say you are suffering still for events that started in the past but have not gone yet because you let them live with you.

Some events are painful others exits just in your mind. However, you can overcome every harsh situation your dealing with. For instance:

  • Losing a loved one.
  • Work routine.
  • Debts.
  • Illness.
  • Marital problems.
  • Moved to a new house or country.

Any event may cause you serious health problems if you let them overwhelm you. Above all, embrace your situation and let yourself  understand that change is normal and stressful events are temporary. Stressor will only stay if you decide it

4. Limitations

Similarly to previous point, there are certain things we can’t control in certain moments. Nevertheless, people tend to be obstinate about trying to control all and patience seems not be an option in our everyday modern life.

You may be frustrated because of a missed opportunity:

  • Didn’t have the money to invest in university, home or business and wonder how bad you missed a great opportunity.
  • Haven’t culminated your studies and the perfect job position went away.
  • Were not in shape and your couple broke up with you.
  • Didn’t feel yourself that cute for a guy in that exact moment.
  • Didn’t say the right words in front of the meeting.
  • Couldn’t score and your team lost an important game.
  • Have no leg, arm or none of them.

And so on. You can blame your limitation all the time you want and accuse your yourself for not having money, time and to be physic limited. However, it won’t stop stress consequences, it won’t make your life better anyway.

Then, it doesn’t matter what circumstances you deal with, you always can do amazing things with the you DO have. Hit back stress consequences and get free.


In short, stress is a reaction, something must trigger it. If you’re aware what is producing stress continuously in your life you can cut the problem from the root. Stress is normal, but to live stressed isn’t.

Not the same situations, people and thoughts stress us at the same level, watch carefully what specifically are triggers you to be tense, alert and anxious. Take in count whatever they are, you can beat them!.

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