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Stress consequences (the bad side)

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What are stress consequences?

Whether you are looking for help to know you’re in danger or wanna make sure you don’t belong to a bigger clinical picture due stress., you’re in the right place. But before showing the long list you should be aware of these caveats:

  1.  If you find your self in the list below and specially on a considerable health issue, please seek for medical assistance. Not only stress may cause these symptoms and we encourage you to check your safety first with a doctor. This is not a medical picture to take a prescription from, it is a list of science facts to help you better understand stress.
  2. Stress consequences in our lives are not always bad , these list aims only for the harmful ones.

This is a detailed list of stress consequences order by categories we consider easy to follow:

Psychological consequences?


Difficulty making decisions


Occasional depression

Can’t slow down

Racing thoughts

Brain fog

Learning difficulties




Restless sleeping

Memory loss,  (specially short memory)

Overwhelming feelings

Thought of suicide

Low motivation

Physical consequences?

Poor function metabolism

Excessive hair loss 

Muscle tension

Irregular menstrual period



 Increased heart rate


Bleeding gums

Joints pain

Hippocampus  deteriorate (stress management in charge of)

Bran shrinks

Weight gain


Immune defense system slows down

Frequent illness


Jaw pain


Digestive problems

Cold extremities


High blood pressure

Flickering  eyelid

Mouth and eyes dryness

Chest pain

Menstrual period cramps

Skin Itching

Behavior consequences?

Poor appetite

Weak libido


Superficial sleeping

Nail biting

Sugar craving

Frequent urination

Focus difficulties


Inability to relax

Teeth grinding


Social withdrawal

Dependency of drugs, alcohol and other substances

Jaw clenching

Some video help

In short

Stress is a worldwide problem, you may have found yourself more than once in the list. Don’t worry it’s common in all of us, but we’ve to get up soon and start releasing all that tension and anxiety to live fully again for and you and your beloved ones.

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