Deception and failure

9 powerful tips to overcome failure and deception

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You are not the exception. Many people have deceived us and many times circumstances haven’t turned in our favor either. You may ask yourself “Why is this happening to me?“.

Now you’re facing regrets, failures, liars with so much sorrow and hopelessness. If you don’t heal soon, you’ll face anxiety, stress consequences and your important relationships may decay as well as your health will potentially be in serious danger.

Harmful emotional states may lead you to decrease the normal function of the body’s self-defense system. It’s urgent to let go the anchor of deception and start the trip ahead again.

1. Forgive yourself

Life is a process and not only good thing happen but bad too. It’s part of your life. Ask a 100 years old person what have they lived and you’ll understand how the valley of life is made of, sometimes you climb a hill others walk a deep. Your mistakes and others’ mistakes over you may only define yourself if you really let them to.

Can’t I suffer? Yes, you can!. Just embrace the moment, learn, understand your position, then let the burden behind.

2. Forgive others

This is a tough one. Forgiving others becomes a difficult part of healing because of our pride. We may not be suffering the consequences of deceit or failure anymore, but our ego is hurt which isn’t healthy for us because forgiveness is a gift we do to ourselves.

People who hurt you “may not” deserve your forgiveness, but forgiveness doesn’t rely on them, it depends on the person who you are inside and the choices you want to make.

3. Get close to your loved ones

Find the place where you’re not judged for your mistakes. It may be through prayer with God, with your family or intimate circle of friends where you can find the esteem you need.
This place redefines the vision of yourself and the consequences of your tragedy by accepting you unconditionally.

4. Focus on your pursuit

Take off the clothes of past failure. You don’t need that deception, pain, and stress to start over again or to aim for new horizons. Give yourself a clean new start and don’t let anything or anyone take away your sight from what you’re looking for; whether it is called love, businesses or _______ (your pursue).

5. Don’t take it personal

You may feel you’re a loser, you were fooled because of your innocence and ignorance, you failed because you’re not enough and because the problem it is YOU and that’s why you won’t ever get it.

We let events define who we are, we let results describe us: If successful ones we feel empowered, likewise the unpromising one, we tend to feel we’re the failure. However, it’s the attitude what matters.

All people around the world are now suffering setbacks, it doesn’t happen just to you. You’re not a target for hopelessness, you’re learning from many ways, whether you find them pleasant or not.

6. Adopt the lessons from failure

When you fail, means you need to make adjustments to succeed. Find the weak spots in your life that need improvement by the filter of failure and deception. Without them, you can not project yourself further.

7. See failure as necessary part of success

Trying new things means to fail sometimes because you’re a novice in your try. In the other hand, when we retry something we’re experienced at it by many tests or risks we have taken before. That is to say, by failure we polish ourselves until succeed by never stop trying.

8. Focus the deception energy to project your future

We always use energy, whether to lament and regret or to have positive attitudes and helpful actions in our bad moments. You’ll always use it, but you decide how.

Find the reason and strength to go ahead by turning the negative energy into something to defeat. Turn it by naming the reasons why you can’t give up. The energy and will power is inside you, however, you decide where to channel it. The amount of deception is the same amount of energy you can use to go ahead and start over.

9. Be grateful

Even if this seems to be an ironic point, you can find some reasons why to be grateful even in your disaster. Consider these points:

  • God doesn’t give us burdens heavier than we can carry on.
  • Look around the world and see years of war in the middle east where people everyday expectation is not greater than survive and try to get some necessary supplies for the day. Look at the ever hunger in many parts of India or Africa, look at the sexual slaves including not only women but kids. We are not the worst case.
  • You’re alive despite the challenges you have faced. You can experience a new opportunity every day and every moment.
  • You haven’t lost all. Just take a little time and you’ll find you have at least two things besides God in your way of recovering.

In short

Failure and deception are not pleasant at all. Even when you understand they are part of your way to success in love, family, studies, entrepreneurship or businesses; they strike you out where they can tremble you.

It is a matter of attitude to stand up and don’t let situations define who you are. Instead, let failure knows who you are.

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