Stress is common in our lives. It help us to stay alert when danger threat us. Stress tells the brain when to trigger body self-defense system. When stressor keeps in our way or we wrongly believe it is still there perhaps it has been gone for so long, the brain get into a prolonged state of alert and start raising new level of stress till burnout.

Reached that level, we can be seriously affected emotionally, physically and mentally.

Follow these steps to get out of the burnout

1. Define your goals and purposes

With no clear panorama you can’t get up and decide which way to. You must define first where you’re going and see what’s the obstacle to get there.

Draw or write in simple steps where you’re right now, what moves you and where you’re planning to go.

Once you have the ideal panorama identify the stressor.

2. Identify the stressor

Determine what event, social or environmental factor is getting you away from your established plan.

If you can’t easily discover what is your stressor, use the previous written or drawn path of goals and aside of every goal write the negative aspect it replaces.

Then find the why of each negative statement by asking your self whether stressor is real, if it is still there outside of your sheet or  residing on your disbelieves and fears.

3. Define your priorities and boundaries

Get away from stressor can be hard sometimes and even more once we’ve reached a burnout. But the power of the effects of a burnout [link to power of burnout] stops growing and having control over our lives once we stop feeding it.
What feed the monster? Heavy duties we take and can’t carry on, the negotiation of our dignity for material things, the speculations of consequences  of situations and events out your hands,dealing with abusive people, vices, etc. Things that have no boundaries.

Set a limit to anything, don’t let your pleasures or dislikes domain you. If you lose track over your priorities you’ll drift off into disaster. If you’re experiencing a burnout say no to what’s overwhelming you and walk into your life priorities,eventually burnout will subsides, even if it gets harder and hurts, you can only overcome it by stop feeding burnout with your life.

4. Think of your health

Now that you’ve visualized you’re path theoretically. Boots your mind and body to get out of the danger zone. This change is not quick, no one said it, forget about pop-up solutions, you’re committed to your life, so as long as you stay alive, you have to fight for your well being.

It is a reward; a consequence of your acts as burnout is too.

[Link to methods]

-Avoid unhealthy thoughts, behaviors and food.

-Exercise more

This will boost your confidence and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

5. Check your health with medical assistance

There are lot of ways stress and burnout can damage your body [link]. Ask your doctor for some medical tests to reveal if you’re in danger and need some medical prescriptions.

6. Stop procrastination

The time is now,your time is now. You can rise above.Take as priority number one yourself if you want to defeat the burnout. One day more left, two more days to live it.

7. Be patient

What comes fast goes fast away. But burnout is a stress process, sometimes silent, it doesn’t come from night to day. You have to go all the way down stairs from where you came from. Cool down it’s a path, don’t desperate, trust God you are gonna get out this and be the nice you again.

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