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How to set and pursue goals? Step by step guide

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New year, new desires, new goals to pursue. So many projects to deal with for this 2019.

It can be very challenging and even stressful to get all plans in order and get them accomplished. We’ve written a simple guide for you to get things done and to get where you want to be in coming months.

Let’s dig in and tame the beast of stress in the process.

1. Make dreams tangible

Dreams are just that, dreams. However, they will remain in your head forever till you do an action to bring them to life. Simple, but today there are so many dreamers and no doers.
Take actions to encourage your will power to move forward.

  • Take a sheet of paper and write down the answer for these question: How would you like to end this year? Write at least 4 or 5 achievements as you won’t have any limitation.

Writing down creates commitment. It’s not the same having your ideas in your brain than having them on paper.

Follow passion and goals

2. Make sure your pursuing your passion

If you just follow others’ dream you are wasting not only your time but your gifts and talents. You’re depriving you and the rest of the world the genius inside of you, you have to focus in your way to not only succeed but be meaningful.

I know that in your dream list of step 1, it is written the 2 more digits bank account goal, but money is just a ladder not a goal. At the end of the year you’ll continue dreaming and you’ll be stressed out chasing ghosts.


3. Keep a steady and committed attitude

Every progress counts no matter how small it seems. Feel proud of every action to take to accomplish your daily task. You may feel it’s just a drop of water in the rock, but keeping it steady will eventually make a way through the rock.

Whatever it takes you must move on even in short steps.


4. Get ready to fail

You’ll be rejected many times, you’ll be lonely others, many doors may close, money may go out, government may go on bankrupt, your own family may doubt of you and you will also be discouraged other many times. Don’t expect some goals to be easy to accomplish, specially those which matter the most.

Don’t feel pity, don’t open the door to stress and self compassion. If life gets tougher don’t take it personal, it does with all of us pursuing goals. Just get the flow and go ahead.

family wellness

5. Your goals must benefit your and others wellness

No changes may be done if your health is in danger. If others suffer for your goals’ achievements sooner or later they’ll mean nothing. Learn to construct healthful relationships and self respect according to improve what others can contribute to your dreams and goals but also, what you can do for them to fulfill their pursue. It may boost your will to succeed too.

Avoid self destruction for accomplishment. The results of every thing done may be a satisfactory and motivating experience instead of a harmful and discourage one.

In short

Take a time to decide what path to follow this year. Take in count the result of every goal is not only to achieve your dreams but to improve your life and the life of the people around you. There are no selfish goals that fulfill a life but an ego.

Expect obstacles and stress to knock your door at every moment, but surf that wave and get the flow of life. As you keep trying you’ll get results as small as the progress may seem. Trust God and love, you can cope with your desires for this 2019 and coming years!

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