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New year’s stress? Explain & Relief methods

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We all have that same sensation when New year’s eve is coming!. Suddenly it arrives and what seemed to be a happy “new beginning” turns to be the next movie of old year’s disappointments.

NEW year doesn’t mean NEW life, NEW health or NEW financial status, because those are rewards, not automatic changes. But what it truly means is NEW time, a new time when you can make NEW decisions and take a NEW attitude toward a stressed life.


New year seems to be the opportunity you missed on last year: a closer father, a better spouse, a good christian, a role model woman, a brave entrepreneur, etc. And this year supposed to be the mirror of the past unfulfilled goals.

You have to set free, not from responsibilities, but from mental burden of past debts. The expectations for this 2019 should be set based on your truly needs and desires for and your family and not be set from the past limitations and failures.

Stress is always present when recurrent unfulfillment thoughts comes to your mind to damage the vision of present producing worries and the vision of future causing anxiety.

Relief from new year’s stress

The type of stress we’re aiming in this article is mainly psychological stress. We need to start learning how stress start affecting our mind and body performance to prevent not only sickness but failure in order achieve of a successful year.

Recommended reading: Stress causes.

Since every beginning has its own challenges and risks, we’ve created a recommendation list for you to overcome this new year’s stress:

  • Take enough time to determine the path you wanna go on this year. If you have problems with goals setting read the How to set and pursue goals article.
  • Leave the past behind. Assume responsibilities with a positive perspective.
  • Expect challenges to come. Even you don’t know what set backs to await in future. Prepare your mind to embrace such situations.
  • Improve your relationships to boost together new year’s goals.
  • Change the routine of past years.
  • Set special focus on your health.

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